Are you a professional photographer? Or taking photos is just your hobby?

We will help you to make a shooting process even more enjoyable. Native Camera Straps is an original handmade camera straps brand. Here you will find something that will complement your own style and make life even brighter. Each type of straps has passed a special test of convenience, durability and safety for the camera, so it will become more comfortable to catch beautiful moments with our straps.

We offer the wide selection of rope straps and the leather ones of different lengths

And if you want to keep a handy camera, the wrist strap will be an excellent alternative. In production we use only soft and lasting materials to make an usage of camera straps more comfortable for your neck and hands. Strong metal strap fixings are equipped with patches to protect you camera from scratches and damaged. Native Camera Straps will become not only the main assistant in the shooting process, but improve your unique style and living.